September 9

Morning Exercise

大家做早操Everybody does morning exercise

一:每天一起做早操 One: Do early morning exercise together everyday

二:兩隻手左右搖搖搖 Two: Two hands sway from left to right

三:數三下向前彎彎腰 Three. Count to three and bend your waist forward

四:手牽手一起深呼吸 Four.  Hand interlocked we breathe in and out (Hand in hand)

五: 左右左向前踏踏步 Five. Left right left and march on forward

六: 最好玩的就是呼拉圈 Six. We have the most fun hula hooping

天天做操就有好身體 Doing early morning exercise everyday gives you a healthy body

一起來do it with me.

七: 七個人一起壓壓腿 Seven people together stretching your legs  (Pressure stretching)

八: 像兔子一樣跳跳跳 Eight. Hop around like a rabbit

九: 拍拍手然後伸伸腰 Nine. Clap your hands and put your hands your waist. (stretch your torso ; elongate your body)

十: 十分健康 Ten.  Very healthy

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