September 17

A New Year, New Hopes B

Strange, why haven’t you come yet, maybe Xiaoli remembered the wrong place again?
嗨, 大年,對不起,我又記錯了
Hi, I’m sorry, I remember wrong again
新年好,文文在新公園門口等我們。 我們快去吧?
Happy New Year, Wenwen is waiting for us at the gate of the new park. shall we go?
別急,這本記事年曆送給你。 祝你新年快樂
Don’t worry, this calendar is for you. Wish you a Happy New Year
謝謝,真漂亮! 新的一年你有什麼計劃呢?
Thanks, it’s beautiful! What are your plans for the new year?
My only wish is to do a good job
Me too, I will work hard at the beginning of the year.
That’s why I gave you a yearly planner.
That’s why I gave this calendar.
那文文有沒有? Does Wenwen has this?
she doesn’t need it because you are forgetful
Did you remember the place where we met just now?
you are considerate( so thoughtful). I will make good use of it.
New year, new hope, let us work hard together,
Next time you say something, I will write it down in my notepad
快去找文文吧? 走吧!
Hurry up and find Wenwen, shall we? let’s go!

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