September 21

Campus Life (A)

校園生活Campus Life
It has been almost a month since the beginning of the semester. Have you gotten used to everything?
I am either in the classroom or in the library every day. I am exhausted.
研究所的功課當然很重。 你選了幾個學分?
The course load in graduate school is surely very heavy. How many credits are you taking?
I am taking eight credits in all, including required courses.
宿舍怎麼樣? 室友好相處嗎?
How is your dorm life? Do you get along with your roommates?
The dorm and my roommates are fine. It is a bit too noisy though.
If you want to study, You can go to the library. You will find all the reference materials you need there.
It is time to go to the library now. Let’s go together.

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