September 22

Buying A Pair of Shoes (A)

買一雙鞋Buying A Pair of Shoes

小姐,你喜歡哪一雙鞋? 拿給您試穿一下好嗎?
Which pair of shoes do you like, Miss? I can get a pair for you to try on.

I would like to try on that pair of red high heels

這個款式沒有您要的尺寸。 試試那雙黑色的好嗎?
There is no suitable size for you right now. How do you like the pair of black shoes?

They are not bad, but the heels are too low.

鞋跟低走路起來比較舒服。 而且這雙是小羊皮做的,
Flat shoes are comfortable for walking. This pair is made of lamb skin leather; they are very soft.

The size is perfect, but they are a little too it in expensive.

You got what you pay for. Our price is an honest price.

I will make up my mind after I have try on some other pairs.

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