September 22

Buying A Pair of Shoes (B)

我想要買一雙鞋。I want to buy a pair of shoes.

為什麼要買鞋? Why buy shoes?

因為我要參加朋友的生日派對,沒有合適的鞋可以穿。 Since I’m going to a friend’s birthday party, I don’t have the right shoes to wear.

小麗你喜歡哪一雙? Which pair do you like, Lily?

我想試試這雙黃色的高跟鞋。 I want to try this pair of yellow high heels

試一試喽。 Give it a try.

樣式是不錯,可是鞋跟太低了。 The style is good, but the heel is too low.

那試試這雙黑色的。 Then try these black ones.

文文,真的很謝謝你,可是— Wenwen, thank you very much, but—

你不喜歡這雙鞋嗎? Don’t you like these shoes?

不是,這雙鞋不是我的尺寸。 No, these shoes are not my size.

買鞋子穿的舒服最重要。 The most important thing is to buy shoes that are comfortable to wear.

哪裡有賣便宜的鞋? Where can I find cheap shoes?

我家附近啊。 near my house. 不過一分錢一分貨,鞋子的品質最重要。 But you get what you pay for, and the quality of the shoes is the most important.


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