September 23

Sweet & Sour Pork B

哇! 看起來真好吃。 Wow! looks so delicious,
你嘗嘗味道怎麼樣? How did you taste it?
真好吃。 你可以教我做中國菜嗎?Really delicious. Can you teach me how to cook Chinese food?
你想學哪一道菜呢? Which dish do you want to learn?
我想學這道糖醋排骨。 I want to learn this sweet and sour pork ribs.
等我回美國以後,可以煮給我的家人吃。When I go back to America, I can cook it for my family.沒問題,我們待會兒去超級市場買東西。No problem, we’ll go to the supermarket to buy something later.
好啊,公園附近有一家超級市場。 那家超級市場好像一間大雜貨店,應有盡有。
OK, there is a supermarket near the park. That supermarket is like a big grocery store with everything.
Yes, it’s really convenient to buy things there.
So what to buy?
We just buy a pound of tomatoes, a pound of onions, and a pound of pork ribs to make sweet and sour pork ribs.
What about fruit do you like bananas or apples?
Stop by to buy some fruit later.
I like Taiwanese bananas, fragrant and sweet.
等吃完午餐,我們就去超級市場了。After lunch, we went to the supermarket.

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