September 24

Good Health Is Important (A)

健康的重要Good Health Is Important
I came to see you immediately well I heard you were hospitalized. Are you getting better?
好多了,因為胃出血,所以醫生要我住院。 I feel much better. I have a bleeding ulcer. That’s why the doctor suggested me stay in the hospital.
How did you get this problem?
I messed up my stomach because I drink too much.
Drinking can only do you harm. It’s no good at all.
以後我一定要遵照醫生的吩咐,不會再喝酒了。 I’ll follow the doctor’s instruction. I’ll quit drinking.
That’s right. Only when you have a good health, can you do your work with energy.
I haven’t been taking good care of myself. I realize the importance of health when I got sick.

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