September 25

A Mother’s Day Gift-B

A Mother’s Day Gift
母親節快到了, 你要送什麼禮物呢?
Mother’s day is coming. What are you going to give?
啊! 我差點就忘了,母親節是什麼時候?
I almost forgot. When is mother’s Day?
I’ll check my calendar.
Look! May 12th, next Sunday, is Mother’s Day.
What are you going to send?
我媽媽什麼也不缺, 實在很難決定.
Mom doesn’t need anything so it’s really hard to decide..
買化妝品怎麼樣? 聽說,化妝品和首飾都是女人的最愛。
How about cosmetics? I heard cosmetics and jewelry are ladies favorites.
誰說的?像我媽媽從來不用化妝, 也不戴首飾。
Who said so? My mom never wears make-up nor jewelry.
Mom has always loved plants, and I’ll buy her a plant.
What are you going to give your mom?
有了! 我要送機票給我的媽媽, 請她到臺灣來旅行。Right! I‘ll send a plane ticket to my mom, and invite her to Taiwan.
哇! 聽起來很不錯! 你真用心!
Sounds great! You’re really sweet.

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