September 25

Mother’s Day Gift-AA

母親節的禮物A Mother’s Day Gift


Let’s check up the calendar to see which date is Mother’s Day this year.


May fourteenth is Mother’s Day this year.

媽媽樣樣不缺, 實在很難決定

Mom has everything. It’s really difficult to make a decision.


Mom has always loved __________________. Let’s buy her _______________.

母親節的禮物A Mother’s Day Gift

1. 他送我一個很大的禮物。  He sent me a very big present.
2. 你怎麽過母親節的? How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?
3. 我們商量一下,明天在哪開會?Let’s discuss where we will be holding tomorrow’s meeting.
4. 什麽衣服在學校合適穿?What type of clothing is appropriate for school?
5. 他的文具樣樣不缺。他的文具樣樣不缺。He has all types of stationery.
6. 實在很難决定,晚上吃什麽?It is hard to decide what to eat tonight?
7. 什麽是你最愛的顔色?What is your favorite color?
8. 媽媽一向喜歡運動, 就送他一雙球鞋好了。Mother has always liked to exercise; give her a pair of sneakers.
9. 大部分男生從不用化妝, 也不戴首飾。Most men do not wear make-up, nor do they wear jewelry.
10. 送什麽盆栽比較好?Which type of plant should we give?

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