September 25

A Mother’s Day Gift-A

母親節的禮物 A Mother’s Day Gift

我們來查查月曆看今年的母親節是五月幾號.Let’s check up the calendar to see which date is Mother’s Day this year.

下個星期天五月十號就是母親節了.It falls on May 10th.  That’s Next Sunday.

咱們商量一下,看要送什麼禮物比較好.Let’s discuss what to give to mom.

媽媽樣樣不缺, 實在很難決定.Mom Has everything. It’s really difficult to make a decision.

化妝品和首飾都是女人的最愛.Cosmetics and jewelry are ladies favorites.

媽從不用化妝, 也不戴首飾,這些好像都不合適.Mom never wears make-up nor jewelry. I don’t think these kinds of things would be right.

盆栽呢, 像長春藤之類的, 怎麼樣?Let’s buy a plant like ivy or something like that.  What do you think?

好主意,媽一向喜歡花草,就買盆栽好了.Mom has always loved plants. Let’s buy her a plant.


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