September 27

Seeing A Movie B

看電影Seeing A Movie

小莉, 晚上一塊兒去看電影好嗎?

Lily, would you like to watch a movie together tonight?


OK they are a lot of good movies recently


What kind of movies do you like?    Art film and the musical?


I like art films and the musicals

文藝片很感人, 歌舞片又唱又跳熱熱鬧鬧的,許多人很愛看。

Art film is very touching. Musicals consist of singing and dancing which make the film lively. A lot of people love to see them.

那你呢?How about you?

我想看文藝片,今天上映了一部得奖的影片, 主角都是赫赫有名的大明星,

I want to watch a literary film, an award-winning film was released today

The protagonists are all famous stars.

劇情感人吗?Is the plot touching?


I heard that the plot is very touching, and the acting skills of the male and female protagonists are very good.


Anyone who’s seen it would admire it.


OK let’s see the film.


If you want to see, we’d better get theater earlier to buy tickets. Let’s go right now.

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