September 28

A Television Show

電視節目A Television Show

最近有一部電視影集很受歡迎,你看過嗎? Have you seen the latest popular TV series?

沒有,其實我很少看電視。No, I seldom watch TV.

你平常都看哪些節目?Which program do you usually watch?

除了新聞報導之外,頂多就是看體育節目。 Besides the daily news, I mostly watch sports.

我經常看電視,連兒童節目都愛看。I often watch TV. I even watch children’s programs.

不少卡通影片和兒童節目都製作得很用心。 Some cartoons and children’s programs are very well done.


There are shows with a lot of content that are entertaining and educational.

其實,看電視也是一種很正當的休閑活動。 Actually, watch TV is good leisure activity.

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