September 29

Plan for Summer Vacation

暑假的計劃今天開始放暑假了,你有什麼計劃嗎?Summer vacation starts today。 Do you have any plans?

最近忙著準備考試, 哪有心情想其他的事!I have been preparing for exams.  I haven’t thought about it.

暑假至少有兩個半月,千萬不要浪費掉了。 There are at least two  and a half months of vacation.  Don’t waste your time.

我想去打工賺錢,等存夠了錢就去旅行。I would like to work to make enough money for traveling.

你的年紀只能幫人剪草坪、送報,還能做什麼呢?You are only old enough to mow lawns or to deliver newspapers  What’s good is that

可以給我一些建議嗎?Could you give me any suggestions?

我認為學電腦、中文,對未來比較有説明。I think you can take computer classes or study Chinese. That would be more useful.

好,我就一邊打工一邊學電腦。Okay, then I will take computer classes  while I am working.




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