September 30

Visiting Grandparents

看望祖父母 Visiting Grandparents

暑假有什麼安排嗎?Do you have any plans for the summer vacation?

明天我就要回臺灣去看望我的祖父母了。Tomorrow I’m going back to Taiwan to see my grandparents.

我也很想念我的爺爺、奶奶,可惜不能回去。 I miss my grandparents too.  It is a pity I cannot go.

這次回臺灣,我母親還有一個要求呢。 My mother agreed to let me go to Taiwan under one condition.

什麼要求? 一定是不准你跟弟弟吵架。 What condition? I bet it’s that you cannot quarrel with your younger brother.

不是。我母親規定我們,在臺灣不准說英文。My mother forbids us from speaking a word of English while we are in Taiwan.

不管怎樣,我還是羡慕你能夠回臺灣度假。 No matter what, I still envy you for going to Taiwan on vacation.

我要去收拾行李了,到了臺灣再寫信給你。I’m going to pick up my luggage.  I will write you when I arrive in Taiwan.

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