October 5

Mid Autumn Festival-A

媽媽:肚子餓了吧? 要不要吃月餅?Mama:  Betty, are you hungry?  Would you like to eat a moon cake?  

蓓蒂:好哇。 我要豆沙餡兒的。Betty:  OK. I’d Like one stuffed with bean paste. 

媽媽:奶奶知道你愛吃豆沙口味的,特別多寄了幾個來。Mama: Grandma knows that you love bean paste moon cakes,  so she sent some extra ones.

蓓蒂:一想到奶奶,月餅好像就特別地香甜可口。Betty: Moon cakes seem to more tasty at the thought of Grandma.

媽媽:不能全家團聚賞月,過節的興致就少了許多。Mama: If the whole family can’t get together to enjoy the moon, there’s just no holiday spirit. 


Betty: actually, the moon is the same every month.   Why do we only celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?

媽媽:因爲秋天是收穫的季節,所以在中秋節慶祝豐收。Mama:      Mid-autumn is the harvest season,  so the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrate a fruitful harvest.

蓓蒂:我還記得奶奶曾經講過關于嫦娥的故事,真好聽。Betty: I remember Grandma told me the story of Chang-O.  That was really a good story.


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