October 4

Seeing A Friend Off-B

為朋友送行seeing a friend off

文文、大年,謝謝你們來送行。Thank you for coming to see me off


It seems that I only came to pick you up not long ago, and now I am coming to take you back to the United States.


Wow, you have a lot of luggage, how did it change so much?

台灣的東西又好又便宜。 所以買了好多禮物要送人。

Taiwanese has good and cheap stuff. So, I bought a lot of gifts to give away.


I see that you have gained a lot.


The biggest gain from my trip to Taiwan this time is that my Chinese has improved.

所以要謝謝大家。So thank you all.


Each time we apart, I can’t help feeling depressed.


Don’t be like this, we’ll meet again soon after school starts.


Yes, only two months of summer vacation passed in a blink of an eye.

我要出發了! I’m leaving!

祝你一路平安。I wish you a safe journey.

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