October 10

Enjoying Christmas Time B

歡度耶誕節Enjoying Christmas Time
Fen-Fang are you almost done decorating the Christmas tree?
I will be done after putting this string of lights on.
飾品太多了,拿幾個星星、小天使下來吧。 There are too many ornaments on the tree. Take a few stars and the angels off.
星星是我最喜歡的, 小天使我也喜歡
Stars are my favorite, I also like little angels
那就都留下好啦! Then leave it all!
Is Christmas Eve dinner ready? I’m so hungry!
火雞還要再烤一會兒。 先聽聽聖誕歌曲吧。 The turkey still needs to be roasted a little while. Why don’t you listen to some Christmas Carols?
I hope that every year we can have a merry Christmas.
哎呀! 雞烤焦了Oops! The chicken is burnt
難忘的聖誕大餐Unforgettable Christmas dinner

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