October 11

Final exams-A

期末考試Final exams


Final exams are approaching. Have you finish reviewing your lessons?


Every day I have been staying up late and studying hard.

熬夜最傷身體了,別過度用功。 Staying up all light is Most harmful to your health. Don’t overdo it.

我是平時不用功,只好臨時抱佛腳了。 I don’t usually study this heart. Only when it is close to exams.

這次考試,你總共考幾科呢? How many subjects do you have to take this time?

四科,有的課只要繳讀書報告就可以了。 Four. in some courses, I only need to submit a term paper.

那你還緊張什麼? 心情放輕鬆點。

Then what are you so worried about? Relax a little.


Tests are coming! How can I relax?

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