October 13

Chinese New Year-A

過新年     Chinese New Year (I)

王先生:今年除夕, 我們要如何慶祝呢? How are we going to celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve?

王太太:我只買了年糕, 其他什麼也沒準備。I only brought some New Year’s cake.  I haven’t prepared anything else yet.

王先生:在美國,不再有貼春聯、放鞭炮的景象了。 In America, nobody puts on Spring Festival couplets and lets off firecrackers.

王太太:真懷念小時候過年的熱鬧情景。I really miss the bustling scenes of New Years when I was young.

王先生:吃了臘八粥以後,家家戶戶就開始大掃除,準備過年了。After the day(a holiday falls on December twelfth of lunar calendar celebrating Buddha’s enlightenment)  we ate the mixed porridge, every household would begin to clean their house for the new Year.

王太太:新年時,大家都穿新衣、買新鞋。 On New Years everyone wears new clothes and new shoes.

王先生:全家人團聚吃年夜飯, 熱熱鬧鬧的好令人懷念All the family members would get together to eat New Year’s Eve dinner and everything was so lovely.  It really bring back memories.

王太太:吃完年夜飯,大家一起守歲,為父母祈福, 真有意思。After finishing dinner on new Year’s Eve,  we could stay up all night to bring in the new year and pray for good fortune for our parents.  it was so much fun.

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