October 12

Getting Your Report Card-B

發成績單Getting Your Report Card


Look at you walking around, what’s the matter with you?

哎,好緊張哦。 Oh, so nervous.

什麼事這麼緊張。 What’s so stressful.

要發成績單了。 We’re getting our report cards today (Reports to be issued. )


Turns out it’s time for a report card!


Why are you still smiling?

Your grades have been so good that it is unnecessary to worry about failing.

我父親說,如果成績好, 就給我買一個手機。

My father said, if my grades were good, he’d buy me a cell phone.

我還是很緊張。 I’m still nervous.

為什麼呢? 我知道了,你是擔心拿不到手機。

why? I get it, you’re worried about not getting your phone.

是啊! yes!


Congratulations, you will definitely get your phone.

我可不敢想, 我希望化學能及格。

I can’t think of it; I want to pass the chemistry.


There’s no way that you can fail. At worst, your grades.


This is a lesson for myself.  I will study much harder next time.

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