October 18

A Birthday Party-A

生日派對 A Birthday Party


What else do you need for your little brother’s birthday party

紙盤、紙杯和餐巾紙都有了。 午餐吃什麼呢?

We have got paper plates, cups, and napkins.  What will we have for lunch?


Your a little brother prefers spaghetti and hot dogs.


We will need a plenty of soft drinks.


Besides fruit juice and cola, we also have ice cream.

這些都是孩子們最愛的。 生日蛋糕上的蠟燭呢? Children love these. Where are the little candles for the birthday cake?

哎呀! 我忘了買了,幸好你想到了。

Oops I forgot to buy candles.  It’s a good thing you reminded me.


I will go to buy them right away.  Otherwise little brother will be sad.


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