October 17

Happy Volunteer Work B

快樂的志工Happy Volunteer Work

對不起來晚了。 Sorry for being late.

你怎麼遲到了? Why are you late?

因為我到醫院當志工,所以來晚了,真是對不起。 Sorry for the late arrival because I was volunteering at the hospital.

到醫院當志工? 你真熱心!

Volunteer in a hospital? You are so enthusiastic!


I only go to the hospital when I have free time. Being a volunteer is nothing.


What do hospital volunteers do?


For example, we have a service desk that is always available to patients.


If I have to do a medical examination, which subject should I hang?


I would say


You need to register first and fill in your information after that procedure is finished then go straight to the physical examination section.


If I have the chance, I would like to do volunteer work, to help people, and to give something back to society.


Yes!  it’s more blessed to give than to receive.  Helping others is the source of happiness

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