October 21

The Customs of the Dragon Boat Festival-B

端午節的習俗 The Customs of the Dragon Boat Festival

小莉,這個送你。 This is for you.

這是什麼? 有一種特別的香味呢。

What is it?   It has a special scent.


This is the sachet, I made it myself.

好厲害哦。 你可以教我做香包嗎?

Cool. Can you teach me how to make sachets?


No problem, what do you see?


It’s Zongzi, did you buy it?

我自己包的。 I packed it myself.

包粽子不是很困難嗎? Isn’t it difficult to make zongzi?


No, just wrap glutinous rice, meat, mushrooms and egg yolks with bamboo leaves.

聽你這麼一說,我的肚子都餓起來了。 Hearing you say that makes me hungry. I want to eat a zongzi first.



Weare eating zongzi while watching The Legend of the White Snake.

真是一個愉快的端午節Really a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

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