October 21

The Customs of the Dragon Boat Festival-A

端午節的習俗 The Customs of the Dragon Boat Festival

你身上怎麽有一種特別的香味呢?How come you have such a special fragrance on?

今天是農曆五月五日端午節,我挂了一個香包。Today is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. I am carrying a potpourri pouch.

真漂亮。材料是什麽呢?It looks so pretty.  What is it made from?

用絲綫和綢布做的,裏面有香料,據說可以辟邪。It is made from silk cords and silk fabric, and is stuffed with fragrant herbs.

It’s said that it can ward off evil spirits.

端午節還有什麽習俗? Are there any other special customs on the day of Dragon Boat festival?

太多了, 像包粽子啦,划龍舟啦,都很有意思。There are quite a few, like eating rice dumplings and racing dragon boats. They are all very interesting.

粽子是用什麽做的?What are rice dumplings made of?

用竹葉把糯米和肉、香菇、蛋黃包起來。The filling of rice dumplings is composed of sticky rice, meat, mushroom, and yolk,

and is wrapped with bamboo leaves.

愛吃甜的,裏面可以包紅豆餡兒。There is also sweet flavor filled with red beans.  Tomorrow,

明天帶一個給你嚐嚐。I will bring you one to taste.

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