October 23

Learning Painting(一)-A

學畫畫兒Learning Painting
Are you interesting in going with me to study painting?
學什麼畫? 是油畫、水彩畫,還是漫畫呢? What kind of painting?  Oil painting, watercolor painting, or comic drawing?
I want to learn traditional Chinese painting.
Why do you want to learn traditional Chinese painting?
I have  had this idea ever since we went to that expression
but I don’t even make a good sketch.
你沒聽過 「有志竟成」 這句成語嗎?
Haven‘t you heard the proverb “Where there is a will, there is away”?
可是學藝術沒有天分行嗎? 我還想考慮考慮!
Can someone do art work well when he is not talented?   I’m going to think about it.

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