October 23

Learning Painting(一)-B

學畫畫兒Learning Painting


Are you interesting in going with me to study painting?

學什麼畫? 是油畫、水彩畫,還是漫畫呢? What kind of painting?  Oil painting, watercolor painting, or comic drawing?


I want to learn traditional Chinese painting.


Why do you want to learn traditional Chinese pension?


Because it is difficult to find teachers who teach Chinese painting abroad.

你可以找大年教你啊。 大年, 他會國畫嗎?

You can find Da Nian to teach you. Da Nian, will he know Chinese painting?

當然喽!  找大年就對了。

Of course! It’s right to look for a new year.


It’s more fun if you learn together.


but I don’t even make a good sketch.

你沒聽過 「有志竟成」 這句話成語嗎?

Haven‘t you heard the proverb “Where there is a will, there is away”?

可是學藝術沒有天分行嗎? 我還想考慮考慮!

Can someone do art work well when he is not talented?   I’m going to think about it.


But don’t think about it too long.

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