January 7

Let’s Draw Together! (一)

LLC Drawing一起畫圖吧!Let’s Draw Together

大文:心美,我們一起畫圖吧!Devin: May, let’s draw something together!

心美:好,你會畫雪人嗎?May: Ok, do you know how to draw a snowman?

大文:會,我畫頭、眼睛和鼻子。Devin: Yes, I ‘ll draw the head, the eyes and the nose.

心美:我畫身體和手。May: I’ll draw the body and the hands.

大文:你看!雪人的身體太大了。Devin: Look! The Snowman’s body is too big.

心美:可是眼睛太小了。May: But the eyes are too small.
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