January 8

What to Do After Class (一)

LLC After Class下課以後做什麼?What to do After Class
心美:下課以後你們常常做什麼?May: What do you often do after class?
大文:我常常打球和跑步。Devin: I often play ball and run.
東明:我喜歡唱歌和跳舞,心美呢?Tony: I like to sing songs and dance.  How about you, May?
心美:我喜歡看電視,也喜歡聽音樂。May: I like to watch TV, and also listen to music.
大文:我覺得運動很好,我常常運動。Devin: I think sports is great. I often do sports.LLC1-8

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