January 1

Word Conversations  

字的對話 Word Conversations


For the test on the first day of school,  Ming Ming got a perfect score (100 points)


Teacher Chang said: Ming Ming is really terrific! She can remember so many words!

(memorize many new words!)


Ming Ming said: I have a great method.


Teacher Chang asked Ming Ming to share it with everyone.


Ming Ming said: I compose conversations between new words.

(I make up dialogues for new words.)


Ming Ming wrote on the blackboard four characters, grass, early, buy, and sell


Ming Ming said: Cao said to Zao: Did you get a haircut?

大家聽了哈哈大笑。 Everyone burst out laughing upon hearing it.


Ming Ming continued: Buying said to selling: I like your hat.

大家說:真好玩兒! 友友說:我們也來試試!

Everyone said: cool, It’s fun! This is really fun. You You said: Let’s also try!


So everyone took out their word flash cards to play.


Because everyone had to think really hard, they all quickly memorized the new words.



Teacher Chang then taught everyone five more characters bow, opposite, style, risk and filial piety, while everyone had even more fun playing.


When the class ended, everyone clapped and thanked Ming Ming. Continue reading

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January 1

Daily Activities

日常生活Daily Activities

一              起床  to get up
二              吃飯    to eat meal
三              去學校   go to school
四              坐車   ride in a car
五              走路   to walk
六              上課    have lesson (attend class)
七              下課   finish class;  Recess
八              放學   school is over
九              回家   go home
十              運動   sports ; athletics; exercise
十一          做功課    do homework
十二          睡覺       to  sleep
十三          洗澡       to take a bath
十四          休息       to rest
十五          點心        light refreshments; snack ; dim sum Continue reading

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January 1

MeiZhou Chinese (4) Table of Contents

第一課-Word Conversations 字的對話
說故事: You Are All Geniuses 你們都是天才
第二課- A Small Red Apple 我是一個紅蘋果
說故事: Picking Apples in the Orchard 摘蘋果
第三課-  Thanksgiving joke Telling Contest 感恩節說笑話比賽
說故事: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 感恩節大遊行
第四課- My Last Name is Not Wang 我不姓王
說故事:Horse-Horse-Tiger-Tiger 馬馬虎虎
第五課- Making Chinese Dumpling 包餃子
說故事: Stone Soup 石頭湯
第六課- Spring’s Dawn春曉
說故事: Where Did the Garbage Go? 垃圾哪裡去了
第七課- You Have Become Smart 你變聰明了
說故事: The Story of Shen Nong Shi 神農氏的故事
第八課- Beautiful Planet 美麗的行星
說故事: The North Star and the Compass 北極星和指南針
第九課- Summer Sport Games 夏季運動會
說故事: On the Day of the Dragon Boat Festival 端午節的這一天
第十課- The Straw Hat Vendor 賣草帽的人
說故事: A Journey to the West III- The Big Disturbance in the Heavenly Place 西遊記, -大鬧天宮


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