March 2

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

感恩節大遊行Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

感恩節快到了! It was almost Thanksgiving.

星期二早上。 明明全家坐飛機去奶奶家。

Tuesday morning, Ming-Ming’s family flew to grandma’s house.


The plane was packed with people, and everyone looked like they were rushing home for the holidays.

飛機飛了六個小時才到紐約市,The plane took six hours to get to New York City,

姑姑和表弟表妹也到了,Auntie and two younger cousins were there already,

大家在機場見面,高興的抱在一起。When we met at the airport everyone felt so happy and hugged each other.

奶奶說,明天去看梅西大遊行,Grandma said, we were going to see the Macy’s Parade tomorrow,

大家聽了都很歡喜。Everyone was excited to hear that.

Grandma said that we needed to go early, so that we would not get stuck in the heavy traffic.

(Otherwise, the traffic would be too crowded. The car gets stuck.)

感恩節一大早,大家吃過早飯,就開車上路了。Early on Thanksgiving, they got on the road soon after breakfast!

因為來得早,所以佔到路邊的好位子。Because they arrived early, I got a good seat on the side of the road.

十點鐘左右,樂隊過來了,吹吹打打很熱鬧。Around ten o’clock, the marching band came over, and playing trumpets and drums is very lively.

哇,卡通氣球也有一個個過來了,有chicken little– Wow, cartoon balloons are coming one by one, like chicken little–

哦!還有SpongeBob,這些氣球都非常的大,Oh! There was SpongeBob, All the balloons were so big.

每個氣球都是由一、二十個人拉著走。Each balloon was pulled away by ten or twenty people.

All the balloons were so big that it took 10to20 people to pull each one.

今年參加遊行的卡通人物很多,Many cartoon characters were participating in the parade this year,

孩子們高興地一直拍手叫好,All the kids were so thrilled they kept clapping and shouting.

The children clapped their hands and shout happily,

明明和姊姊也拍了許多照片。Mingming and her sister also took a lot of photos.

胖胖的耶誕老人公公來了,Finally, the pot-bellied Santa Clause showed up!

這是每年遊行的最後一個節目,This was the last show in the parade every year.

因為感恩節一過耶誕節就快來了!Because after Thanksgiving Christmas was right around the corner.


After returning home, (After getting home)the whole family chatted and laughed together to prepare the Thanksgiving feast.

孩子們做蔥油餅和小蛋糕,The children made scallion pancakes and cupcakes,

其他的食物都有大人們準備。The rest of the meals are prepared by adults.


During dinner, the table was laden with such mouth -watering dishes as roast turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, cornbread, pumpkin pie,

另外還有香噴噴的蔥油餅和紅莓小蛋糕。As well as great smelling scallion pancakes and cranberry cupcakes.

明明、姊姊、表妹、表弟,一起抱著奶奶,Mingming, her elder sister and younger cousins hugged grandma together,

感恩奶奶給他們一個最難忘的感恩節。Thanking grandma for giving them a most unforgettable Thanksgiving.

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March 2

Stone Soup

石頭湯 Stone Soup


Once upon a time, there was a village,

這裡的村民都很自私又很小氣,所以大家很少有往來。The villagers were all very selfish and stingy, so they hardly saw one another.

(So they rarely communicate)


One winter, an old man came here,

他帶來一個大鍋子,He brought a big cauldron,


He placed ice cubes and snow into the pot,


They built a fire by the side of the road and started cooking.


The old man took out a small stone from the suitcase and put it into the cauldron.

He shouted: “Delicious stone soup!”

快來吃,不要錢唷。 Come and have some, free of charge.(no money required.)

大家一聽,不要錢! 就連忙打開大門,拿著碗出來,

When everyone heard it was free, they hurriedly opened the doors and rushed out with their bowls,


Everyone gathered around the cauldron and couldn’t wait to taste the delicious stone soup.


The old man stirred the soup with a ladle and murmured to himself,


If we add a little ground pepper, scallions, and oil,


It will be the most delicious soup in the world!


Some people thought: These are trivial and don’t cost much.


So, they returned home and fetch them.


The old man added these ingredients to the soup.

老人喝了一口湯,說道:不錯! 不錯!

The old man took one sip of the soup and said: Not bad! good!


If the soup has everyone’s favorite thing, it would be even better!


Everyone listened and felt that what the old man said was very reasonable. (thought it made sense.)


So, they hurried home and brought back their favorite food.


The old man added the meat, corn, cabbage, green beans, almonds, onions, celery, and tomatoes into the soup.


Which of course smelled even better.


So, everyone happily consumed the soup.


At this moment, the old man suddenly disappeared.


I saw the word “cooperation” on the caldron.


Then everyone finally understood:


Everyone chipped in a little food,


Combined to make such a delicious soup,


Since then (from then on), the villagers learned to help and cooperate with one another and lived happily ever after.


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March 1

Thanksgiving Joke Telling Contest

感恩節說笑話比賽Thanksgiving Joke Telling Contest


Right before Thanksgiving, the school held a joke-telling contest.


There are many students entering (participating in) the competition this year.


Zhong-Zhong was the first to go on the stage,. he said,


Dear teachers and students, hello everyone, (Hello, teachers and students)


Do you know which country turkeys like the best?

他們最喜歡土耳其,They like Türkiye best,


Because it is the English name of the country (Turkey).


The audience heard and roared with laughter.


An-An was going to tell a joke about Thanksgiving parade,


But as soon as he got on the stage, he become so nervous that his whole body trembled and his whole face flushed(turned red).


As soon as he started sayed: Thanksgiving —– three words, he couldn’t continue (go on),


Finally, he could only cross his arms, lower his head and walk off the stage.


At this time, there was a round of applause(came a wave of clapping) from the audience.


Some people said: Turkeys are afraid of Thanksgiving, and An An’s acting seems like it!

(An An gave a wonderful performance!)


In the end, An-An got the first prize for the joke-telling contest.

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