April 9

Countries and Cities (四)

國家和城市Countries and Cities
Devin: Recently in geography class the teacher taught us big cities in all kinds of countries. It was really interesting.
May: Do you know what the biggest city in the U.K. is?
Joe: It’s London, which is also the capital of the U.K.
Devin: I know the U.S.’s biggest city is New York, and it’s in the eastern U.S.
友朋:如果要說得更清楚一點, 應該是在東北部。
Joe: If you want to say it a little more clearly, you should say it’s in the northeast.
心美:我阿姨住在法國的巴黎, 巴黎在法國的北部。
May: My aunt lives in Paris, France. Paris is in the north of France.
大文:我還知道雪梨在澳洲的東南部,靠近海邊。 Devin: I also know Sidney is in the southeast of Australia, close to the sea.
May: Do you all still remember what city is the capital of New Zealand? I’ve forgotten.

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