April 10

Different Writing Systems (四)

不同的文字Different Writing Systems
Teacher: There are many kinds of writing systems in the world. Who can tell us what the difference between these writing systems is?
Tony: Teacher, we write different characters in Chinese class than in English class.
Teacher: What do you think is the difference between Chinese characters and other writing systems?
Tony: Chinese characters are written one, square, and picture-like
心美:我看過泰國的文字,彎彎的,有很多小圈圈,我都 看不懂。
May: I’ve seen Thai writing. It’s curved, and it has a lot of circles. I can’t read it.
Lily: I think the Japanese writing system is similar to Chinese characters.
大文:英文、法文、德文都是用 ABCD拼出來的。
Devin: English, French, and Germany all use ABCs.
Teacher: Very good. Chinese is ancient. It has existed thousands of years. It’s hard to learn. We’ll take our time studying it together.

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