April 11

Field Trip (四)

校外教學Field Trip
Teacher: Next month we are going on a field trip. Where do you all hope to go?
Devin: I hope to go to the lake and have a picnic.
心美:我想去公園或是植物園。 我要請媽媽準備三明治跟點心。
May: I want to go to the park or the botanical garden. I’ll ask my mom to prepare sandwiches and snacks.
Devin: The scenery at the lake is not bad, and there’s a lot of grass there that we can run all over.張莉: 我希望能去博物館,我想看古老的東西。
Lily: I hope we can go to the museum. I want to see ancient things.
Teacher: I think you all have some good ideas. The teachers will talk it over.
東明:我喜歡出去玩,只要是校外教學,我都喜歡。 Tony: I like to enjoy myself. No matter where we go on the field trip, I’ll have a good time.
老師:請大家回家跟父母說一下, 等學校決定以後再通知你們。
Teacher: I’d like you all to go home and tell your parents about it. After the school has made the decision, you all will be notified.

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