June 8

Talent Show (六)

才藝表演Talent Show



Dear Grandma, How are you? I haven’t seen you in a long time, and I really miss you.


Last week our Chinese school held a talent show. Some classmates did a fan dance,

扇子舞,有的同學表演扯鈴。最後,我們班一起朗誦and some others performed with the diabolo. At the end, our group recited


“Thoughts on a Quiet Night” and sang “Jasmine.”


At the end of the term, we’ll have a language contest.

好奇我學期結束的時候,要參加什麼比賽吧?這一次You must be curious about which competition I’ll enter!

我要參加中文寫字比賽。我本來不注意筆順,現在寫This time I’ll take part in the Chinese writing contest. I didn’t pay attention to stroke order before,字的時候,不但要注意筆順,筆畫也要寫對,寫錯就and now when I write characters I not only have to pay attention to stroke order but also use the right kinds of strokes.

不能得分了。因為要參加比賽,最近,我常常緊張得睡If I write incorrectly, I won’t score any points. Because I’m going to compete, recently I’ve often been so nervous I can’t sleep.

不著。從現在開始,每天放學以後,我要練習半個小時,希望可以得到 第一名!

Starting now, every day after school, I’m going to practice half an hour. I hope I can get first place!奶奶,您什麼時候來我們家 玩?我一定每天陪您去散步。

Grandma, when will you come to our home to have fun? I’ll absolutely take a walk with you every day.

敬祝 身體健康 Sincerely, wishing you good health,

明真敬上 六月二十日

Jane, respectfully June 20

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