May 18

My Home


我的家My home

我去廚房,爸爸在那裡。I go to the kitchen. Dad is there.
我去衛生間,哥哥在那裡。I go to the bathroom elder brother is there.
我去客廳,媽媽在那裡。I go to the living room, Mom is there。
我去飯廳,妹妹在那裡。I go to the dining room. Younger sister is there.
我去起居室,弟弟在那裡。I go to the family room; Younger brother is there.
我去書房,姐姐在那裡。I go to the study room. Elder sister is there.
我去臥室,誰在那裡? I go to the bedroom. who is there?

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