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Stress relief exercise

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消除壓力體操Stress relief exercise
壓力山大The pressure like a mountain on your back.
一二 一二三四
生氣生氣扔掉它Anger, anger, throw it away.
鬧心鬧心扔掉它Noisy, noisy, throw it away.
壓力壓力扔掉它Stress, stress, throw it away.
拳頭握起來 嘿嘿Form a fist.
我的拳頭 鋼鐵拳My fist is like iron.
像風兒一樣快快Fast as the wind.
發愁鬧心扔掉它The worry, the noise, throw it away.
我的拳頭鋼鐵拳My fist is like iron.
兩腿 站穩了 嘿嘿two legs, standing firm.
我的腿是鋼鐵腿My legs are like iron.
像打雷一樣有力As strong as thunder.
哇噠噠噠噠噠噠噠 快快With speed.  With speed.
哇噠噠噠噠噠噠噠 用力用力With strength.  With strength.
壓力山大The pressure like a mountain on your back.
擊破 Break the stress.

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