June 5

Where Is The Kitten?


35 cat
小貓在哪裡?Where is the kitten?
小貓在廚房裡嗎?不在。Is the kitten in the kitchen? No, it’s not.
小貓在門外嗎?不在。Is the kitten outside? No, it’s not.
小貓在椅子上嗎?不在。Is the kitten on the chair? No, it’s not.
小貓在桌子下嗎?不在。Is the kitten under the table? No, it’s not.
小貓在沙發後嗎?不在。Is the kitten behind the sofa? No, it’s not.
小貓在電視機前嗎?不在。Is the kitten in front of the TV? No, it’s not.
小貓在臥室裡嗎?對!他在睡覺。Is the kitten in the bedroom?  Yes it’s sleeping!

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