January 11

Youth Practice Guide

青春修煉手册Youth Practice Guide
跟著我 左手 右手 一個慢動作 Follow me. Left hand, right hand, one slow movement.
右手 左手 慢動作重播 Right hand. Left hand. Repeat slow movement.
這首歌 給你快樂 你有沒有愛上我 This song gives you happiness. Do you love me?
跟著我 鼻子 眼睛 動一動耳朵
Follow me. Nose. Eyes. Move your ear. Pretend you are obedient.
裝乖 耍帥 換不停風格 Pretend you are cool. Change your style.
青春有太多未知的猜測 Youth is filled with guesses towards the unknown.
成長的煩惱算什麽 The pains of growing do not count for much.
皮鞋擦亮 換上西裝 Shine your shoes. Put on your suit.
佩戴上一克拉的夢想 Wear one carat worth of dreams.
我的勇敢充滿電量 My bravery is filled with electrical charge.
昂首到達每一個地方 I travel with my head up.
這世界的太陽, 因爲自信才能把我照亮
The sun brightens me up because of my confidence.
這舞臺 的中央有我才閃亮 The center of the stage shines because of me.
有我才能發著光Radiates because of me.
經常會想 長大多好 Often think about how good it would be to grow up.
有些事情却只能想像 Some things can only be imagined.
想說就說 想做就做
If you want to say something, say it. If you want to do something, do it.
爲了明天的自己鼓掌 Applaud for the you of tomorrow.
向明天我來了 Face tomorrow, I am coming!
向前衝不客氣 rush forward with no apologies.
一路有你 充滿鬥志無限動力 You are all along the way, filled with infinite courage.
男子漢 沒有什麼輸不起 A hero loses nothing.
正太修煉成功的秘笈 This is the secret guide to youth practice.

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