March 1


地球日資源回收 The earth day recycling
減少、回收、再利用 Reduce reuse recycle
很容易做到 It’s very easy to do
很容易記住 It’s simple to remember
回收你使用的東西 Recycle what you use
分開玻璃和紙張 Separate glass and paper
分開塑膠和罐頭 Separate plastic and tin
放在回收桶中 Then put their places in the recycle bin.
塑膠跟塑膠。 紙張跟紙張。Plastic with plastic. paper with paper.
罐頭跟罐頭, 玻璃跟玻璃 Tin with Tin and glass with glass
不浪費Not wasting
對你有益 Good for you!
Recycling Worksheet
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