November 4

Sounds of Christmas Bells

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Jingle Bells 聖誕鈴聲Christmas Bells (Sounds of Christmas Bells)
小朋友們 你們好 呵呵呵呵呵 Hello Children, ho ho ho!
我是聖誕老人I am Santa Claus.
聖誕節到了,我去給孩子們送禮物, 可是–等等—
Christmas is here, I am going to give gifts to the children, but wait—
魯道夫去哪兒了?Where did Rudolph go?魯道夫!Rudolph!
啊!衝破大風雪(下雪啦!),我們坐在雪橇上,(駕!) (咻咻)
Ah! Breaking through the blizzard, we are sitting on the sled, (Jia!) Giddy-up, (Shoo shoo)
快奔馳過田野,我們歡笑又歌唱。 (我來了)
Flying through the fields, we laughed and sang. (I’m coming)
The deer bells ringing, it makes people feel more happy,
我們今晚滑雪真快樂, 把滑雪歌兒唱!(嘿!)
We are really happy to ski tonight, sing the ski songs! (Hey!)
叮叮噹, 叮叮噹, 鈴兒響叮噹 (大聲點)(加油啊)
Jingle, jingle, jingle bells (louder) (Go)
We are happy skiing tonight; we are sitting on a sled. (Hey!)
魯道夫!你在這兒呢啊,孩子們在等我們,快走吧! (駕!)
Rudolph! You are here, the children are waiting for us, let’s go! (Giddy-up!)
聖誕老人請快點來吧!Santa Claus, please come soon!

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