November 5

Santa HoHo

Santa PPT
slow song
聖誕快樂Merry Christmas
嘿嘿嘿 我的朋友 Hey,hey,hey, my friend
讓我向你 來問候 Let me greet you
拋開煩惱和憂愁 Leave your worries and sorrows behind.
笑口常開樂悠悠An open mouth and joyful smile. 啦…
天天放假多輕鬆Every day is a holiday, how relaxing. 啦…
聖誕公公帶我遨游Christmas father takes me on vacation
Merry Christmas
大家一起來 Everybody come together.
唱唱你的歌來 拍拍你的手 Sing your song and clap your hand.
眨眨你的眼來 甩甩你的頭 Blink your eyes and shake your head.
開心的歌吼吼 聖誕快樂呦 Happy songs, Merry Christmas
我要我的朋友和我常聚首 I want to have a reunion with my friends.
santa hoho

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