January 2

Good luck to you

好運“鼠”于你Good luck to you

數一數 團圓的日子Count the days of reunion
數一數 快樂在倒數Count, happiness is counting down
數一數 要多少祝福Count, how many blessings do you need
數一數 你就會 永遠幸福Count, you will be happy forever
數一數 期待新開始Count, looking forward to a new start
數一數 微笑就知足Count, smiling will make you content
數一數 走的每一步Count, each step you take
數一數 新挑戰就在不遠處Count, new challenges are not far away
跌倒了 不要哭 爲自己挺住When you fall, do not cry, support yourself
抬起頭 你做主 調整你脚步Raise your head, you decide, adjust your pace
人生中 的起伏 拍張照記錄 The ups and downs of life, take a photo record
啦啦啦 大家一起Say Cheese La la la, everyone Say Cheese
好運鼠于你  屬于你Good luck belongs to you, belongs to you
從不曾忘記 祝福你Never forget your blessings
祝大吉大利 甜蜜蜜I wish you good luck, and sweet life
New year, you are most lucky
好運鼠于你  屬于你Good luck belongs to you, belongs to you
滿臉笑嘻嘻 有喜氣A face full of smile and good luck
變通就得利 Be Happy Benefit from being flexible
只要不放弃 好運自然就會 屬于你
As long as you don’t give up, good luck will naturally belong to you
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