January 20

Celebrate the New Year

過新年Celebrate the New year

過年嘍Celebrate the New year
春節到真熱鬧Spring Festival is here, so lively
貼春聯放鞭炮Post spring festival couplets (banners), set off firecrackers
媽媽忙著蒸年糕Mom is busy steaming rice cakes
飯菜豐盛味道好The food is plentiful and delicious
穿新衣戴新帽Wear new clothes and new hats
除夕夜大團圓New year’s eve big reunion
敲鑼打鼓踩高蹺 Hit gongs, beat drums, stand on stilts
家家戶戶樂陶陶Every household is joyful
給長輩拜個年Give elders a new year’s greeting
收到一個大紅包Receive a big red envelope
恭喜恭喜新年好Congratulations, congratulations, happy new year
一年更比一年好 One year better than the last
Celebrate the New Year

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