February 6

Hand Washing Song (M)

洗手歌Hand washing song

甜甜圈 Donuts.
Wash your hands after touching Bingo.
Always wash your hands after playing the game.
打完噴嚏 一定要洗洗手
Always wash your hands after sneezing.
吃點心前 一定要洗洗手
Always wash your hands before eating snacks.
小手小手  髒髒Little hand, little hand, dirty.
細菌在手上Bacteria on the hand.
泡泡泡 抹一抹 搓一搓Bubble, spread, rub.
小手 小手 洗一洗Little hand, little hand, wash.
細菌快走開Bacteria quickly walks away.
小手小手 擦一擦 好乾淨
Small hands, small hands, wipe them, so clean.
爸爸要洗手喔 好
Dad, wash your hands.  Okay.
Hand Washing Song M

泡(pào)= Bubble 抹(mǒ)= spread 搓(cuō)= rub. 擦(cā)=wipe 摸(mō)=touching
摸(mō)完(wán)= After touching
玩wán完wán= After playing
打dǎ完wán= after sneezing      打dǎ喷pēn嚏ti= sneezing
洗xǐ完wán= After wash


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