February 12

Wash Hand Often

常洗手Wash hands often
我就是細菌魔王 I am the germ king
你知道我們喜歡待在哪裡嗎 Do you know where we like to stay
很喜歡髒兮兮的地方 Love dirty places
我們還喜歡窄窄小小的細縫裡 We also like narrow, and small crevices
原來手上有這麼多細菌啊 There are this many bacteria on my hand all along?
我們要怎麼趕走他們呢 How can we get rid of them?
想要趕走細菌一定要常洗手 Always wash your hands if you want to get rid of bacteria
玩完滑梯要洗手 Wash your hands after playing on the slide
玩完沙子要洗手 Wash your hands after playing with the sand
玩完玩具要洗手 Wash your hands after playing with toys
小手藏細菌 Small hands hide bacteria
外出回家要洗手 When you go outside, and go home, wash your hands
上完廁所要洗手 Wash your hands after using the toilet
吃東西前要洗手 Wash your hands before eating
小手髒兮兮Little hands are dirty
細菌真開心Bacteria is so happy
我不要壞細菌在手上 我也不要I don’t want bad bacteria on my hands.  I don’t want it either.
那我們一起去洗手吧 Then let’s wash our hands together
抹抹肥皂搓泡泡 Use the soap and make bubbles
手心手背手指縫 Palm of the hands, back of the hands, and in between the fingers
左手右手都要搓(沖)(擦)Rub your left and right hands    rinse   wipe
到處搓一搓 (擦一擦)Rub everywhere
打開水龍頭沖一沖 Turn on the faucet and rinse
小手洗乾淨 Wash clean your little hands
細菌很傷心 Bacteria’s are sad
拿起毛巾擦一擦 Take a towel and wipe
細菌再見啦!Goodbye bacteria!
Always wash your hands to get rid of bad bacteria
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