March 3

About Our School (AIS)

我們的學校有一個非常明亮,自動敞開的大門 Our school has a very bright, self-opening door.

進門口,有一個漂亮的魚池 There is a beautiful fishpond at the entrance.

裏面養了幾條錦鯉, 學生們喜歡給錦鯉喂食。There are several koi in it, and the students like to feed the koi.

右邊是登記進出的辦公室窗口,不讓別人隨便出入。On the right is the office window for signing in and out, so the school has a safe environment.

在中庭有天窗,種了幾棵開白花很香的樹。There are skylights in the atrium, and trees with blossoming fragrant flowers are planted there.

進門左側有個通道,可以到中文教室。To the left of the entrance door is a hallway that leads to the Chinese classroom.

在中文教室裏我們必須說中文。We must speak Chinese in the Chinese classroom.

再往後走就是儲藏室,也就是舞臺的下方,我們的龍就睡在底下!噓!別吵到他。Further back is the storage room, which is below the stage, and where the dragon sleeps! Shh! Don’t bother him.


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