March 8

School Outside Facilities

學校的外觀 School Outside Facilities

學校的西邊是進門口的停車場, There is a parking lot to the west of the school.

北邊有棟放工具及用品的儲藏小屋。There is a storage hut for tools and supplies to the north of the school.

有四個網球場,可讓球員們同時打球。There are four tennis courts for players to play on at the same time.

東邊是一片大草原,我們在那裡放風箏,踢足球,玩美式足球。There is a large grassland to the east of the school where kites are flown, soccer and football are played.

四周還有個跑步的步道。There is also a running trail around the school.

南邊有一個遮棚的幼兒遊樂場, 以及户外的遊樂場。To the south of the school is a covered playground, and not covered playground.

環繞學校的是一條單行道的馬路,Surrounding the school is a single lane road.

在教室外的東邊,To the east of the classroom, 我們可以打籃球,玩四方塊遊戲。We can play basketball and four-square games.

中文教室可以出入東方花園。The Chinese classroom is accessible to and from the eastern garden.
Outside Facilities

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