January 2

New Year Yeah

拋開煩惱 眉開眼笑Throw away your troubles, lift your eyebrows and smile
新的一年已来到A New year has come
沒有了悲傷 不再孤單No more sadness, no more loneliness
美好的日子在前方Good days are ahead
新的衣裳 穿得漂亮New clothing beautifully dressed
喜喜來歌唱Sing joyfully
你拿紅包 我也拿紅包You receive a red envelope, I also receive a red envelope
開開心心吃年糕 Happily eating rice cakes
敲鑼打鼓 快來起舞Beat the gongs and drums, come and dance
家家户户好幸福Every family is happy
許一個心願 闔家團圓 Make a wish for family reunion
福星高照滿人間 Lucky stars shine over people.
醒獅來拜年 展開笑顏 The lively lion celebrates the new year, everyone is smiling.
心想事成樂無邊 Your heart gives you what you need. Happiness has no boundaries.
大家歡迎幸福年 Everyone welcomes this happy year
乒砰砰砰 爆竹乓乓乓   Firecracker pong pong.
鑼鼓咚咚咚 帶來新希望Gongs and drums dong, bring a new hope
乒砰砰砰 爆竹乓乓乓Firecracker pong pong
鑼鼓咚咚咚 今年好運到 恭喜 Gongs and drums, good luck has arrived this year.     Congratulations
歲歲平安 哈哈哈Peaceful every year, hahaha
年年有餘哈哈哈There are things to go around each year
健健康康 哈哈哈Healthy
青春美麗 哈哈哈 Youth and beautiful
Everybody says Gong Xi Come on let’s go celebrate
快来 好運到来 Come ,  good luck comes
快来 幸福滿懷Come,  Full of happiness
快来 百萬橫財Come, Full of valuable
今年 一定會精彩This year will be wonderful

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