June 16

Rice Ball

飯糰Rice Ball

壽司米sushi rice 洗米wash rice  瀝干Drain

加水到米裡Add water to rice.放鍋里蒸Steam in a pot

鹽1: 糖3 :醋4 攪拌 salt   輕輕攪拌Gently Stir

用模具壓出飯糰Press rice balls out of molds

餡料Filling; stuffing 成品Finished product

飯糰飯糰軟軟的,rice balls, rice balls , soft rice balls.

捏來捏去真好玩。 It’s fun to mold some shapes.

圓形、方形、 三角形round, square, triangular

變來變去真有趣。 It’s interesting to change various shapes.

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