August 30

Burning My Calorie

每天起床第一句 先給自己打個氣
The first thing you say when you wake up every day is to cheer yourself up (Is to give yourself encouragement.)

每次多吃一顆糖都要說聲對不起 Say sorry every time you eat an extra sugar sweet.

魔鏡魔鏡看看我 我的鎖骨在哪裡Magic mirror show me where my collarbones are?

美麗 我要美麗 我要變成萬人迷Beautiful, I want to be beautiful, I want to be loved by everyone. heartthrob

pose pose!我要變成萬人迷 pose pose!pose pose! I’m going to be loved by everyone pose pose!

為了變成小蠻腰 天天提著一口氣In order to have good posture, remember to breathe in.

為了穿上美衣裳 吃草吃成沙拉精Remember to eat vegetables before deciding what you want to wear.

天生麗質難自棄 可惜吃啥我都不膩 Inner beauty does not go, but unfortunately I do not get tired of eating.

努力 我要努力 我要變成萬人迷 Effort, I want to make an effort, I want to be loved by everyone.

卡路里 卡路里 我的天敵 Calories,calories sometimes seem to be working against me.

燃燒我的卡路里!dissipate my calories/Work out my calories/burn my calories!

拜拜 甜甜圈 珍珠奶茶方便麵 Bye bye donuts, bubble tea, and instant meals

火鍋 米飯 油炸雞 拿走拿走別客氣 Hot pot, rice, deep-fried chicken, give it away, you are welcome.

拜拜 咖啡因 戒掉可樂 戒油膩 Bye bye too much caffeine, sugar, and oils.

沙發 外賣 玩遊戲 別再熬夜 傷身體 Sofa, takeout, and playing games, remember to stay balanced.

來來 後轉體 高溫瑜伽仰臥起 Come, come, back twist, high temperature yoga, Do sit-up exercises.

動感單車普拉提 保溫杯裡泡枸杞 Spinning bike, Pilates, heat goji berries in a thermal.

來來 深呼吸 晨跑夜跑遊幾米 Come, take a deep breath, do some exercises during the day.

平板啞鈴划船機 不達目的不放棄 Plank, dumbbell, rowing machine, work on your goals.

我要變成萬人迷 I want to be loved by everyone.


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